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Ike 4 Life Productions

Additional Effects

      Ike 4 Life Productions offers additional effects for your event to add a surprise, wow factor, or even get that perfect photo you imagined for your event.  These effects include a fog machine, low lying fog machine, and strobe lights to enhance the energy in the room.  All of these effects are individual add on's and can be purchased for any event.

Low Lying Fog (Dancing on the clouds effect)

Low Lying Fog

        The Low-Lying fog effect is extremely popular.  Our machine produces a thick white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. The runtime of this effect is capable of lasting up to 6 minutes.  It is perfect for weddings, fashion shows, dances and stage shows. Their are many methods to creating this effect, but the method that we use is dry ice and hot water. It is 100% safe and does not stain or damage carpets or walls. 

Strobe Lighting

           Strobelights are used to create instantaneous flashes of light, at various speeds.  We mainly use them for high energy songs or slow-motion effects.  But they can also be used for sparkling star effects, lightning, and disorientation. Each of our strobelights consist of 220 super bright white LED's.

(Caution: this is a variable speed flashing light and may cause seizures, headaches, nausea, dizziness and/or other symptoms.)

Strobe Lights

Fog Machine

Fog Machine

           Our powerful 1600 watt fog machine uses a water based fluid to produce a dense white fog that fills almost any size room.  The fluid is non-hazardous and does not stain floors or walls.  Our fog machine can be used for many purposes to create different effects but it's main use is to enhance lighting effects and reveal LASER beams.  Please check with your venue to see if fog machines are allowed to be used for your event.

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